Tool Box Safety Talks Compilation DVD
Tool Box Safety Talks Compilation DVD

This DVD contains over 2 hours of video (30 titles) of the most used Tool Box Safety Talks for construction jobs. You'll be able to select videos by title with just one click. Each video topic is an average of five minutes in length.

Topics include: Chemical Safety, Compressed Gas Safety, Construction Equipment Maintenance, Crane Signals, Cut-off Saw, Safety, Environmental Hazards, Eye & Face Protection, Fire Extinguisher Operation, Hand Protection, Foot Protection, Head Protection, Hearing Protection, Ladder Safety, Laser Safety, Power Actuated Tool Safety, Safety with Crane Rigging, Traffic Control, Warning Signs, Working around Carbon Monoxide, Working Around Construction Equipment Safely, Working Around High Voltage, Working Safely Around Explosives, Working Safely with Scaffolding.

Spanish titles: Crane Signals, Employee Accountability, Eye & Face Protection and Ladder Safety.

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