The Leadership Roles and Responsibilities of Top Management
The Leadership Roles and Responsibilities of Top Management

Implementing Lean Construction as a business operating system in an organization represents a powerful improvement opportunity, which requires company-wide change, especially for top management.

Few organizations understand that a successful and sustainable Lean implementation starts with an ironclad commitment from the top. Rather, these organizations believe that top management’s role is to give a one-time “blessing” to Lean and hand the Lean task to a Lean Facilitator or Champion. The end result of this type of implementation is a low performing or failed implementation with a litany of justifications for why their Lean implementation failed; “Lean doesn’t apply to construction,” “Our suppliers and trade partners are not doing Lean,” “This is not automotive production, all of our projects are one-offs,” “The unions are stopping us,” etc. The bottom line is this: Success or failure with Lean is the result of continuous, active engagement by top management.

This webinar will discuss and explain the Lean Leadership principles that top management must use in their attitude and actions to support the development of a Lean Culture. Actual company examples will be discussed.

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