Lean Unit 5: Lean Supply Chain and Assembly - Instructor
Lean Unit 5: Lean Supply Chain and Assembly - Instructor

Lean Unit 5: Lean Supply Chain and Assembly is a one-day, instructor-led course that Unit 5: Lean Supply Chain and Assembly that introduces the lean strategies and tools used to deliver materials, equipment and prefabricated assemblies to the jobsite in a manner that facilitates flow. The four-session course challenges class participants to map the supply chain ? looking to minimize waste and maximize value ? in a collaborative fashion with all project team members, including suppliers and vendors.

Following this course, participants will be able to:

  • Differentiate between traditional procurement practices and lean supply chain applications;
  • Identify waste and value-adding activities within the supply chain and assembly;
  • Evaluate the impact of using lean supply chain on waste elimination, continuous flow and site operations pull;
  • Identify strategies needed at the project and company levels to support the lean supply chain;
  • List examples of process improvements to the lean supply chain;
  • Expand lean beyond the individual project; and
  • Create a value stream map to diagnose and improve the supply chain.

This Instructor's Guide contains a copy of the corresponding Participant's Manual.

All instructors for this program must be pre-approved to deliver the class. Visit www.agc.org/LCEP for details.

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