Construction Estimating & Bidding: Theory/Principles/Process
Construction Estimating & Bidding: Theory/Principles/Process
This 2nd edition, published by AGC of America in 2005, provides a comprehensive overview that covers the entire estimating process, from an introduction to the art of post-bid follow-up. Logically sequenced and easy to understand, Construction Estimating & Bidding can be used as text for estimating classes or as a reference book. This publication has even been used as a textbook by professors in numerous university construction degree programs. Written by AGC member professionals, this Second Edition clarifies several examples, expands the scope of "Cost of Work" and updates the extensive glossary.

Authors: Kenneth H. Carpenter, PhD; Joseph Cecere, PhD; Charles C. Swensen; Stephen C. VanderBloemen, CPA; Garey L. White; Soft Cover

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