BIM Unit 2: BIM Technology - Instructor
BIM Unit 2: BIM Technology - Instructor

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one of the most exciting developments in the construction industry, driving the industry to a model-based process that encourages collaboration from owners, designers, general contractors and all specialty trades.

AGC of America’s Unit 2: BIM Technology is a full-day course designed to provide a neutral introduction to BIM tools. Throughout the course, tools are introduced as they relate to the functions they perform, as well as particular phases in a project where they have the strongest capabilities. By understanding these differences, it is possible for each attendee to determine what questions need to be asked prior to making an investment in technology.

Following completion of Unit 2, participants will be able to:

·         Explain the phased structure of a BIM project;

·         Discuss the classes of BIM tools;

·         List common BIM applications;

·         Describe how the use of BIM tools needs to be planned and organized;

·         Explain the need to embed tools into processes; and

·         Develop a process for identifying and selecting BIM tools.

All instructors for this program must be pre-approved to deliver the class. Visit for details.

This Instructor’s Guide contains: the Instructor’s Guide book, a copy of the Participant’s Manual, and a CD with the PowerPoint Presentation.

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