PMDP Module 4: Risk Management - Instructor
PMDP Module 4: Risk Management - Instructor

The Project Manager Development Program (PMDP), will provide the essential skills to project managers to ensure project success.

This Instructor's Guide provides instructors with answers to worksheets, tips for facilitating discussion and class activities for Module 4: Risk Management covers eight sessions:

  • Introduction to Risk
  • Insurance, Sureties, and Bonding
  • Warranties & Liability Periods
  • Documentation and Managing Risk
  • Risk Management Issues
  • Conduct of Employees
  • Project Risks
  • Risk Allocation and Module Summary

Learning Objectives

Following successful completion of this course participants will:

  • Gain awareness of how risk changes over the different phases of a project
  • Understand the types and sources of risk
  • Learn techniques for managing risk, specifically risks that are the contractor's primary responsibility
  • Learn how the scope and nature of risk management varies based on project contracting method
  • Learn about warranty periods and liability tails
  • Understand the basics of insurance and bonding
  • Appreciate the importance of documentation in controlling risk
  • Learn how quality control/quality assurance plans help mitigate performance risk
  • Learn how risk and profit are related

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