PMDP Module 2: Contract Administration - Instructor
PMDP Module 2: Contract Administration - Instructor

The Project Manager Development Program (PMDP), will provide the essential skills to project managers to ensure project success.

This Instructor's Guide provides instructors with answers to worksheets, tips for facilitating discussion and class activities for Module 2: Contract Administration covers eight sessions:

  • Introduction to Construction Law and Project Delivery
  • Contract Basics
  • Negotiating Fair Contracts
  • Contract Documents
  • Payment Terms
  • Legal Issues
  • Contracting With Others for Required Work
  • Contract Termination and Module Summary

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how basic contracts are structured, how different types of contracts are used, and how project documentation relates to effective contracting
  • Increase awareness of important contract law and language, and how they are related to project risk
  • Understand the difference between agent and independent contracts, torts and contractual liability cases, and criminal and civil proceedings
  • Learn how different project delivery methods use different contracting strategies
  • Improve knowledge of the process for contract amendments, changes, extensions, and final terms
  • Distinguish between partial and material breaches and understanding the significance of termination, bankruptcy, and breach of contract claims

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