PMDP Module 1: Estimating & Job Costing - Instructor
PMDP Module 1: Estimating & Job Costing - Instructor

The Project Manager Development Program (PMDP), will provide the essential skills to project managers to ensure project success.

This Instructor's Guide provides instructors with answers to worksheets, tips for facilitating discussion and class activities for Module 1: Estimating and Job Costing. This course covers eight sessions:

  • Introduction to Estimating Basics
  • Project Planning and Setup
  • Estimating Costs for Specific Tasks
  • Estimating Costs Not Associated with a Specific Task
  • Estimating Costs of Work by Others
  • Putting Estimates into Action
  • Estimating Redesign and Revisions
  • Project Contributions to Corporate Profits and Module Summary

Learning Objectives

Following successful completion of this course participants will:

  • Learn the importance of an estimate
  • Understand the different types of estimates
  • Develop professional estimating skills
  • Appreciate the importance of good documentation and consistent formatting
  • Gain awareness of how accurate cost information is critical to the success of the company
  • Understand the link between design, estimating, and project costs
  • Learn how equipment costs are developed and integrated into the estimate
  • Learn how work by others is included in the estimate
  • Learn how general cost and overhead not assignable to a specific task are included in the estimate

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